Monday, December 6, 2010

Two and a half days of my love, friends, amazing performances, and new(ish) video games, I can’t think of a better way I could have spent my weekend. I swear this weekend disappeared in seconds though, I blinked and it was Sunday. Despite the intense time warp I really enjoyed the weekend. Friday was spent with Alex and Eli and Bryan. We did dinner and then played games and watched most of Sherlock Holmes before we all got too tired. I love hanging out with them! It makes me so happy that Alex and Eli really like Bryan and vice versa.

Saturday Bryan and I went out to lunch and then to the farmers market where I found some great little Christmas gifts for people. I really enjoy buying local and supporting small businesses. My goal is to do the majority of my shopping at local businesses (I am going to go to Pikes Place Market when I get home). I don’t think Bryan realizes how many points he got for going to Fall into Dance with me. He volunteered to go as well. I didn’t have to ask at all. He said that he had never been to a dance show and that he was curious. It wasn’t his cup of tea (I knew it wouldn’t be) but he still enjoyed himself. I am just glad he was willing to try something new and didn’t make a fuss about going with me. I typically contain my emotions around my friends because I am sure they don’t want to hear me blathering on and on about Bryan so I am going to spill my guts here. He makes me ridiculously happy. There is something about his personality that clicks so well with mine and everything flows so well when we are together. He is an absolutely amazing person and I feel so lucky that I get to have him in my life. I know we may not be together forever and I am not banking on that. I am simply happy to be with him right now and enjoying the possibility. (But if it does work that way because I know we both want it too than I certainly won’t complain =])

I can’t believe it but I am playing WoW again. I forgot how much fun it is!! It makes Bryan really happy that I am playing again, he loves the fact that I enjoy videogames and I enjoy just sitting next to him and hanging out. Say what you want about videogames but they are a ton of fun and a great way to bond with people. I really enjoy nerding out for a few hours.

/happy dances I am sooooooooooooooo excited for Christmas!!!!! I can’t wait to go home, decorate the tree, listen to Christmas music and bake cookies. Break is going to be super chill and fun and it wraps up nicely with my 21st birthday. My life may not be the most exciting or elaborate and I am not have a never ending list of friends and acquaintances but I am truly happy with how my life is going and the people in my life. I feel confident that I will end up quite happily where I want to be.

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