Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I Don't Post Much...

Bread is baking so my apartment currently smells amazing! (And yes, I do realize it is 11:35 the night before school starts =P). I have spent the last 4 days socializing with my co-workers for "training" and basically getting back in to the swing of life here in Bellingham. I am so happy to be back at work and interacting with a ton of new staff that will make this year super fun in the AS/VU.

Classes actually start tomorrow and I am ready to get my brain back in action! No more of this summertime slacking. Despite how much I love this school life I now live for the weekends (again). I found a new boy who is amazingly wonderful but of course he doesn't live around here and of course he is from the valley. You CAN'T escape the valley! But this time I really don't mind. Two more full days of new experiences and hanging out with friends before an awesome weekend with the boy. As cheesy as it sounds life is great right now! It will be even better when my other roomie moves in so I can live with my two best friends. I am so happy I am almost annoying myself =P

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