Saturday, May 1, 2010

Last night was amazing. I went to a potluck that some people on the Western forums decided to put on so the people who post and/or stalk the forums the most could all meet up and chill. I was super nervous to go because I am not always such a fan of meeting new people because I get very shy and I am unable to act like myself. But this time I forced myself to go and talk and socialize and not worry about what others may think but to just let myself be me. And yes, it worked very very well. Those were my people! Geeky and nerdy to the extreme yet still very socially aware and hilarious! I found that I will befriend the types of guys (and girls) I enjoy spending time with if I let the nerd out and talk about video games and the rules of the internet. In the end I was actually glad I went alone. I feel it is something that I needed to do so I wouldn't use any of my friends as a crutch. If they had come along I most likely would not have talked as much and not had any of the same experiences, and boy were some of those experience one for Rachel's record books. I went places and did things out of my normal comfort zone but I have absolutely no regrets about any of it because it was way too much fun and hell, you only live once! Overall it was a great experience I finally feel like I have a bit more confidence that I have been lacking all year to talk with people and I met some awesome people who I hope I am actually able to become friends with in the future.

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