Sunday, April 18, 2010

Spring has Sprung

Today was very wonderful! Instead of going on our "run" as we had planned my dear friend and I decided to go on a hike in the sunshine. It was so wonderful to get outside in the woods again. The forest was incredibly refreshing and we enjoyed a lovely little lunch on the shores of Fragrance Lake. On the way back down the trail we took the offshoot path to a lookout over Bellingham and Sammish Bays. It was stunning. We just sat their in silence for a while taking in the views. The best part for me is that it was just warm enough up there to get the warm pine and plant scents which are some of my favorites and bring me back to so many lovely memories. I absolutely cannot wait for summer to get here!

Currently I am craving a new journal. I do not need one seeing as how I do not use the ones I have. But I want one none-the-less to fuel my journal and pen addictions =P Perhaps next weekends expedition home will be fruitful and yield a journal. Speaking of home I am surprised at how much a seem to be going home this quarter. I have not gone home so regularly in a while. But I am missing more than normal (blame spring and memories associated with it) some awesome people back in the valley and in weird ways I am missing the valley itself. Sometimes Bellingham still does not feel like home so much as just a fun place to live. It is also luck for me that the weekends I go home are weekends before chem homework is do so I can have my dad help explain things to me while spending some time with him.

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