Thursday, January 21, 2010


YES! Things worked out today!! Which is fanfreakintastic (fan-freakin-tastic hahaha)!! Because I have a hard time expressing my emotions when I am not in the midst of them I sat down and wrote a "letter" thing to my best friend about what has been happening and what has been bugging me that may impede our ability to live together. I was really worried that she would a) freak out on me or b) just get very pissed off and walk away. But neither happened! She took it really well and was happy I told her so we had a good talk about it =) We also invited one of our best friends and my roommate from last year to live with us next year and she was ecstatic! Things are really looking good for the future and that takes a lot of stress off my shoulders!

I also got an amazing shirt =) It makes me smile!
It says "Love does not discriminate...neither should we"

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