Sunday, January 31, 2010

Well that was an interesting night. It started off normal enough but, as you can see from the previous statement, ended up rather different. I spent the day on a hike/walk which was great because I don't get outside as much as I would like. A lovely day was followed by a dinner of homemade pad se ew and it was delicious!! I never would have guess it was so easy! yum! ^^ There was way too much sugar for dessert and whiskey in the hot cocoa but I survived haha. What made the night so "unique" was when I drove my friend home at 1:40am and we pulled up outside their house and proceeded to talk for a bit. Nothing unusual in this as we do it a lot. After about 10 minutes I just happened to look in my rear-view mirror and see two boys walking down the street with a bike. At first I just thought they were stupid teenagers wandering about until they ditched the bike and started looking into all the cars parked on the street with a flashlight. They walked by the my car and looked very unhappy to see us there walked by and flipped us off all while giving us a direct look at his face (didn't matter in the end but still a stupid move). I was already calling the police at this time who transferred to about 4 different lines before giving me to the right dispatcher who took my information.

At this point the boys had walked over to the gas station and I figured they were long gone and so it was a bit silly to be finishing my report but I did. We stayed in the car out of nervousness (I got jumpy because I have never actually had to call the cops) until we saw a police officer drive by in a big SUV with a search light on the side. He stopped at the bike and moved it out of the street and we got out of the car (friends idea not mine) and told him we made the report. He informed us that another police officer had the boys over at the gas station. I was very happy they caught they and really surprised they were still there...okay not that surprised if you are going around looking for cars to break into you are not that smart to begin with. All in all my interesting night makes for a rather uninteresting post but that's ok. It is late and I wanted to ramble =P

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